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As a school eSafety is paramount to the way we deliver our teaching and learning and to the welfare of all our children and staff. We already have a formal  E-Safety Policy  and on this webpage we provide links to a wide range of information that is freely available to support you in keeping your children safe online.


Why do we need eSafety?


Children and young people now spend a lot of time online – and it can be a great way for them to find out information needed for homework. But children also face online risks such cyberbullying or seeing content that is inappropriate. That's why it's important for them and their parents and carers to know how to keep safe online.


Whether you're unsure about what happens online or are up to speed with new technology, it's important that you talk regularly with your child about staying safe and that you are also aware of what they are doing online. It may feel daunting, but you don't need to be an expert on the internet. Understanding what children do online and the risks they face will help you keep your child safe online.


The following links provide useful information and tips about online safety, both for parents and carers and for staff who work with children.


Useful Links




 CEOP now have a very helpful website that has lots of new information for parents

and carers, please use the link below


Finally, a key thing to remember when using any social media - Anything you ever posted, emailed, Twittered, Facebooked, Youtubed, MySpaced, LinkedIn’d, Messengered, Tindered, Snapchatted, Bebo’d, Whatsapp’d, etc, etc is all there out in cyberspace – and therefore is 'accessible' forever. But not just by you!!