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 Welcome to the School Council's BlogSpot!
Sport Relief
We enjoyed playing hockey. Do Not eat to much sugar because it is not healthy. (Olivia & Flynn)
I did 86 star jumps to stay healthy and fit. (Darryl)
(Published by Flynn and Olivia, Molly and Darryl) 24/03/2016

Space & Water
We learnt all of our solar ststem planets , Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Pluto is a dwarf planet.
Water rises up when more water is added.
(Published by Flynn and Olivia) 04/02/2016


We learnt lots about Australia and it is fun to learn.


It's very hot in Australia so people wear short clothes. The people who live  in the outback have under ground houses.



(Published by Alex and Molly) 23/01/2016


(c) School Council 2016

Children in need
Recently we had children in need and we dressed up as super heroes and sold cakes. We also learnt how lucky we are to have all the things we have to care about the less fortunate. We raised £183, well done us !
(published by Leyla, Jonny, Flynn, Brooke.) 
Anti Bullying 2015

We learnt how to stop bullying from other people experiences. We made a noise for bullying to stop it so if we see bullying we know what to do - tell an adult !


(Published by Jack, Rebekah, Aliyah, Kieran)







(c) School Council 2016